i am ur mum and dad @ the same time



dietcrackcocaine yes, i have been here a few days, have meeting on thursday 4 to sort out home, we r currently watch conan since arnie movies has become a thing after i bought kindergarten cop on dvd from asda for us to watch since we have had no internet

I homeless

misericordia-sempiterna i sorry for not replying ur message i homeless

blackdaylight i sorry for not have picture up yet i homeless

I crashing at my friends on couch, had no internets and only my fone

I try to get home asap


mahou--ouji said: What happens if a girl rapes another girl? Is it still rape?



Depends on that girls race + sexual orientation.

I cannot believe this is a person that actually exists. This isn’t even a troll blog, this person actually believes this.
You are nothing but a rape apologist. You make me sick.


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that if you spend your time trying to refute what I’m saying, or spend your time trying to find ways for it to be bullshit, you are trying to find your way around freedom. Worse, someone else’s freedom. Why do you want to take someone else’s freedom? And why do you find it desirable to be owned?

And this isn’t in a sexual, bdsm sense, this is in a complete, existential sense.

And the experience of ‘falling in love’, and having a relationship with someone, isn’t about much ‘time’ you have, and about what you’re going to get out of it at the end, or the outcome - it’s not about doing all these little things, so that you have someone stuck with you at the end because they’re attached to all of that stuff too. It’s not about putting pieces of food on the ground so that you can cage someone at the end - with their attachment to all of your memories and with the feeling of obligation because of how ‘good’ you’ve been, the good times you’ve had and what you’ve done for and with them.

It’s existential, it’s about the moment, it’s about things arising, and then falling back into the void, disappearing into the ether, and new things, feelings, experiences, being born from the nothingness, immediately, and slowly as they’re created. It’s about experiencing for experiences sake. It’s not about ‘time’, and it’s not that time doesn’t exist, as many would usually say during something like this, because even though they say these things, they’re generally talking horse shit to appear ‘magical’ and get caught up in sayings and phrases and bullshit ideas and it’s all about projecting some image, hilariously, often simply to attract someone, and do a bait and switch, and put them into the same cycle as above anyway. Time does exist. There is a gap from here to here, we happened to call that time. But it doesn’t matter, because all that actually exists, all that can actually be experienced is now. Now. Now. Now. There is no future or past. Tomorrow? There is no tomorrow. Tomorrow doesn’t exist, neither does yesterday. Even if you somehow time travel, you’re still experiencing it as ‘now’. There is only now.

Let go of everything, empty, submit, but not to me, submit to now, submit to everything, submit to the void, submit to the existential void, empty yourself and let the experience fill your belly, let my love, our love, just love generally fill your belly, let our kisses fill your belly, and the way I touch you and feel you and let the orgasms fill your belly.

"Most people tell you that they want to get out of kindergarten, but don’t believe them. Don’t believe them. All they want for you to do is to mend their broken toys. Gimmie back my wife, gimmie back my job, gimmie back my money, gimmie back my reputation, my success. This is what they want. They want their toys repaired. That’s all." - Anthony De Mello

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You people are so attached it blinds you, and you have no understanding of the meaning of these things.

Are you saying you’re trapping a person then? You’re not allowing them freedom? They’re not allowed to do what they want to do, you won’t let them? You won’t let them go into the world as they please? You won’t LET them leave? Are they YOURS? Are you their owner? Was all of this love letter writing, submission, and ‘soul connection’ creating just like laying little pieces of food on the ground, in order to eventually cage them? If they want to leave, are you going to manipulate them into staying? And are you saying your manipulation is more noble than setting them free, allowing them freedom?

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